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​​​​​A new era began for the South Island when gold was discovered in payable quantities in 1861 and Jews followed this news.Prior to this the settlements of Otago and Canterbury were mainly pastoral. A few years later gold was discovered on the West Coast and in Nelson. Among the Scots at Dunedin only five families ventured to live there ; Woolf Harris, George Casper, Hyam Nathan, Josef Vogel and Adolf Bing. In 1862 sufficient Jews warranted the establishment of a formal congregation and the Dunedin Congregation was born. Soon after that they procured a cemetery and sought to engage a minister. They engaged none other than David Isaacs whom Hort had brought over twenty years previously from England.  In 1868 a synagogue was built on the corner of Moray Place and View Street. This most southern congregation in the world sold this first building and built an imposing edifice in Moray Place opposite. One of there most famous sons was David Theomin whose stately home was left to the nation by his daughter Dorothy when she died in 1966.